Who are we?

80nine 90one is an independent music publisher based in Durban, South Africa. 80nine 90one is an entity that was founded by two siblings – brother and sister, which acquires the rights of local writers. Established in 2012, the company started out as an Artist Management company which later branched out solely in administering the catalogues of writers.

Having previously been into management, the ability to harness and develop artists is something that we have carried through to our writers and composers. The fact that we are fairly young and new, means that we are able to dedicate more time and be very proactive in the development and growth of our clients.

Being small and indie is our unique selling point from our competitors, as we get to be there from the start of most of our writers and composers. Our approach is very much orientated around family values seeing as the business is one that is owned by siblings.

In a very dynamic society and industry, the needs of our clients are always changing. This means we have to be very involved in their creative process so as to try and facilitate co-writing opportunities and any other collaboration. This is why we feel having good relationships with the various artist managers and labels allows for such processes to be achievable.